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Our Point of Sale Systems

Pickle POS for restaurants and bars. It is web-based and is extremely flexible and customizable. The ROI on this system is super quick and the turnaround is quick. It will only take one day of training for staff to perfect the workflow. Online ordering, table service, mobile app, and it looks good on your counter. 

Odoo POS for retail shops. Multiple apps to support the function of each individual store. It has ecommerce, accounting, inventory and whatever you need. You can use existing equipment as long as it will pull up a browser. The system is cloud based so you will be able to easily run your business from anywhere. 

Clover POS is a Point of Sale for the small 1-3 location business. It works especially well in retail businesses and can work in some restaurant environments. The Clover Flex is one of the best card readers/Point of Sale to work with other software's. Being PCI Validated P2PE, it has the strongest form of encryption in the payments industry. 

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