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Healthcare Payments with Seamless Workflows

Accepting healthcare payments is marred by two primary concerns: cost and limited options. Integrating a payment platform within the healthcare sector often comes with a hefty price tag. This is logical; when competition is eliminated from the integration process, providers can essentially set their prices as they see fit. Moreover, without options, there's no room for competition, leading to higher prices, compromised security, limited features, and inadequate support.

Our approach aims to introduce payment technology into the healthcare industry that seamlessly integrates with any Practice Management Software (PMS) and Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR/EMR) Software. Traditional PMS and EHR systems, being outdated, lack the robust features required by modern medical or veterinary practices and are unable to scale effectively in the 21st century.

Allow us to demonstrate how our solution can help your team effectively manage costs, streamline workflow, and optimize cash flow.

Veterinary Practice Management Software

Most veterinary practices are using legacy PMS systems that clog up the workflows of most practices. The legacy systems are "on-premise" server based. This forces all work to be completed onsite. Using a Cloud-based PMS system allows work to be accomplished offsite. Our Veterinary PMS allows any practice to update their practice workflows and creating a much better experience for the practice customers. 

  • No Upfront Costs from us

  • Defer Merchant Service Fees

  • SaaS Fee instead of Licensing Fees

  • Free Support from inception [without service packages]

  • Use your current Windows based computers as well as iOS and Android

  • Text Invoices

  • Email Invoices

  • Online Scheduling (AI driven)

  • Recurring Payments

  • In-Line Financing

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