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About BAG

The Burris Advisory Group, LLC (BAG) was formed in 2018 after the members spent 15 years working inside the merchant services industry. The purpose of BAG was to bring software's along with the top payment gateways to small and medium sized businesses in the U.S. 

Our Payment Gateways are top-tier and are built around security, full features, and benefits for all. Our software's are beyond extraordinary, they change businesses trajectory and force increased profits. All of the partners that we have contracted with are mostly backend people without an adequate sales force. These people eat and sleep their creations. 

BAG is operated by Edward Burris; a 21-year veteran in the digital payments industry. Edward is a 4-year honorably discharged U.S. Navy veteran that has excelled in almost every environment he has been put in. His least liked part of his career was working inside the belly of the beast in Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Which is why he primarily saw an opportunity to launch BAG. The huge companies could care less about customer service, top-tier software, or helping small and medium businesses, they direct their resources to the large companies in America instead. 

We walk the talk and we always ask our prospective clients to put us through the ringer. 

Edward has a beautiful wife Amy and two sons, two grandchildren and one on the way. Plus he has 3-fur babies; Tigey, Booty, and Matlock.

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