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We have been in the payments industry for 19-years. We have seen many changes, good and bad. We spent the first 10-years getting a foot hold and learning as much as possible. 

We have worked for small payment providers and Fortune 500 payment providers. The small providers are the best for salespeople and business owners. 

We have begun to focus on two industry categories, healthcare and specialty retail. We know that in today's markets that technology is absolutely necessary if businesses plan on any kind of sustainable growth. 

We have taken the last 5-years to find technology partners that get it and support their work. Both BAG and our technology partners are backed by larger companies so no matter what, our clients will have someone to turn to for anything. 

BAG is owned by Amy and Ed Burris. We were born, raised and continue to live in Western NC. We have two sons, two grandkids and 3-fur babies (cats). We love to travel to new destinations, eat new food and experience new cultures. We are devout Christ followers and He comes first, always. 



Healthcare technology in the way of Practice Management Systems (PMS), Electronic Health Record Software (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record Software (EMR) have not advanced very much in the past 10-years. The integrated payments is further behind than that!

Medical, Dental, Veterinary practices and Hospitals are essentially working with old technology that will soon not respond the way it must. The modern patient expects to be able to make payments via card and through payment plans and possibly financing for bigger procedures.

BAG Payments has a payment platform that immediately modernizes and PMS, EHR or EMR. This modernizations allows admin staff to work more efficiently allowing them to focus on more important revenue building tasks. It also streamlines the office for the office managers allowing them to get more done with less staff. 

Also, the patient will now have a simple and easy way to make a payment; in-person, text-to-pay, email-to-pay, e-commerce and by phone. The payments are taken out of the software making card data much safer and protecting an intrusion through a payment to get to health records. 

Every transaction can be accepted from anywhere (contactless) and automatically posted without the potential of a security breakdown. 

We also show the healthcare industry to save 30-80% of their merchant service fees every month. 

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Burris Advisory Group leverages the latest in payments technology.
It is a modern, mobile, integrated platform providing a better end-to-end patient payment experience. The platform utilizes the latest in “smart” payment terminals at the point-of-sale, along with payment card tokenization and an ecommerce platform.
Through our partner technology and secure card capture, the platform facilitates instant, contactless payment options, as well as faster and easier processing of hard to collect patient balances owed. By digitalizing payments, it provides convenience and efficiencies for both patients and providers, resulting in increased revenue and improved cash flow, as well as decreased write offs and reduced costs.

Reducing the amount of times practice staff are doing redundant actions, will create ultimate efficiencies.

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■ Process payments using modern device technology —            Smartphone/smart device for remote payments and Wi-Fi,
wireless payment terminals for in-person payments.            

■ Improve cash flow and A/R cycles — Secure card-on-file and text-to-pay options speeds payments                                      

   ■ Better manage recurring billing plans — Robust functionality            and flexibility                                                                                             ■ Increase revenue — Our system facilitates better collections of        balances due                                                                                         ■ Reduce cost and Improve operational efficiency — Mobile-             based platform leverages automation for collection and  posting    ■ Result in more satisfied patients — Quick and contactless              payments; enables use of mobile/smart devices for added              convenience                                                                                       



All medical costs are increasing and more health insurance companies are covering less. This is putting an increased burden on the patient which sometimes shifts the burden to the practice in question.
Patient financing has to be more flexible and quicker to get approvals and money to the practices. The other component that needs to take place is the ability to remove any financial risk, liabilities and fees from the practice. 
With the help of our technology partners, BAG has the ability to do all the above.





Mary is sitting in the exam room worried about what the doctor will tell her and if she will be able to continue since her savings is being depleted from all her extra costs. The doctor comes in and tells Mary that she will need an outpatient procedure to correct her issue. The good news is that Mary will be okay after the procedure. The problem is that Mary does not have the coinsurance to cover her part. No problem, fill out our finance application on your smartphone and we will schedule the procedure today! Within 10-minutes, Mary and the front desk is scheduling her procedure. The next day the medical practice receives their ACH of full payment. No Risk, No Liability and No Fees.

No additions to the A/R Balance!

*Everyone Wins*

Jim is getting a routine cleaning only to find out that the nagging pain in his molar is an infection from a rotten root. In order to stop the pain and save other teeth the dentist explains the procedure and the admin staff explains the cost. The insurance company will pay 60% of the procedure. The procedure will cost a total of $2,800 leaving $1,120 for the patient to pay. Bill does not have the money in the checking account and his credit score is 590. No problem, complete our quick credit application and we can get started today if you like?

The practice receives their ACH next day in full with No Risk, No Liability and No Fees!

No Additions to the A/R Balance!

*Everyone Wins*



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Chance, a mixed dog with pit bull and terrier is brought in after he cannot walk on back legs. Chance has been in the family since the first child was born, 12-years ago. The veterinarian explains that Chance has torn his ACL in both back legs. He will never get better on his own and will be in constant pain. The cost of the surgery will be $7,500 for both legs. The owners of Chance cannot raise the funds in time. No problem, complete this application and we will schedule Chance's surgery today.

The practice receives their ACH for full payment the next day with No Risk, No Liability and No Fees! No additions to A/R Balance.

Everyone, including Chance, WINS!

Sheila is in a severe car wreck and must have surgery to fix several parts of her body. Sheila has no insurance and limited funds available. No problem, complete our finance application on your smartphone. Within 10-minutes, the hospital is scheduling Sheila's surgeries.

The next day the hospital receives their payment in full with No Risk, No Liability and No Fees! No Additions to the A/R Balance.

Everyone Wins!



Specializing in Specialty!

There are small and midsize businesses in the U.S. that have found a niche and have become excellent. BAG Payments along with a specialty ERP/CRM/POS software system can customize business managements systems for these niche businesses. It is an exciting time to be working with niche businesses! In order for these businesses to increase on their excellence must use advanced and customizable business management systems.



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Multi-Functional Activities

A true story about one of our clients. 

They were zooming in sales and breaking records in profits. Before too long, they were working 7-days a week and were struggling to keep up. When I met them, they were using 3-different software's to serve their customers and track sales. This meant that 3-different report types needed to come from 3 different platforms. This also meant that they were paying 3-software companies a monthly SaaS (Software as a Service) each month. 

Our solution combined everything they were doing into one platform. This had a tremendously positive effect on the company. They could do everything from one sign-in and pull any type and sorted report they chose. Sales became easier, service became easier, trade shows were put on steroids and the admin staff (Owners) spent a third of the time completing redundant tasks as before. Their costs went down by 75% with exponentially more sales and pleased customers and employees. 

Even if you are using a single platform Point-of-Sale software, does it allow you to grow fast without gaps? If not, we can help!        

Zero cost Merchant Services is available!

High-End Sales!

These products are completely luxury items and require special consideration with a payment platform. The same software will do the trick but will need the customization and attention to detail that BAG Payments delivers.

When accepting credit cards or debit cards in this environment, Chargebacks have to be a real concern. Our system, used correctly, will eliminate any losses to a disputed charge (Chargeback).

Zero cost Merchant Services is available!

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Simple but Risky

In most cases, a utility building is not a necessity but does make life easier. Considered by the card brands to have medium risk, we ensure our clients have very little exposure to risk that leads to Chargebacks. 

BAG Payments ERP will easily adapt to the industry and will be customizable to each individual vendor. 

Zero cost Merchant Service is available!

Community Necessity

Small Mechanic shops and Quick Lubes are necessary businesses for any community. These businesses are attacked on all fronts before they do their first job. 

Vendors never seem to come through, banks overcharge, equipment is extremely expensive and technology to grow is usually beyond affordability.

Even when they can afford software, it is usually already 2-years old and is not scalable, customizable, or easy to upgrade without serious expense. 

BAG Payments has corrected the ability to grow mechanic shops with our technology! Schedule your demo!



Amy and I chose the healthcare industry for several reasons. 

  1. We enjoy working with Practice Managers.

  2. We feel we can do the most good here.

  3. The healthcare industry is probably the hardest hit with predatory payments and software companies.

  4. We have the technology to help free practices from predatory and non-compliant payment and technology providers.

  5. If we do our job well in this industry, we get paid well.

I love researching new technologies (probably too much) to help our clients continue to realize the best methods to operate their businesses. Vetting technology is an exhausting exercise but our clients deserve the best we can find them. 

We will never be satisfied with the status quo or old technology, we don't have too.

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Restaurant, Hospitality, Retail, Trades, Specialty Retail,  E-commerce and B2B

We continue to support and help other industry verticals to get the best technology, pricing and service. 

We support traditional payment customers with full support partners. Everything needed will be handled quick and with the highest character you could ask. 

Cash Discounting is our priority. Most Cash Discounting are or will soon become non-compliant. We have always promoted the compliant "True Cash Discounting" that all card brands support.  

Send 3-months of concurrent merchant service statements to

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We Want to Make Your Practice the Best it can be!

What to expect from contacting us.

  • You will be contacted within 24-hours             

  • BAG operates from a consultative approach instead of a sales approach. 

  • Start the process if we are the right fit for you

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