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About BAG

AI is not scary, Artificial Intelligence is a beautiful tool for growing businesses!

The Burris Advisory Group, LLC (BAG) was formed in 2018 after the members spent 15 years working inside the merchant services industry. BAG is a small business like much of their clients, partnered with multiple other small businesses that together we can be as strong as a large business with better support. But, BAG chooses to work with medium sized businesses as well as small growing businesses. 

 The ownership of BAG is very similar to most small and medium businesses in America. We are God fearing, family oriented, community serving, and we enjoy things like gardening and walking the beaches. We mostly like spending time in the word of God with God's Holy Spirit. 

Our vision is to help our clients streamline their businesses. By doing this we know by experience it will provide financial gains and more importantly, more free time to enjoy the fruits of their successes.

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Edward "Ed" Burris

Managing Director

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