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Our Customizable All in One Business Management Software: Odoo

No matter your business size, we can set you up with an all-in-one business management software that does everything you need it to do, out of the box. But, if you desire special automations or integrations, we can do that as well. 

Our first step is to see if our application is right for your business and expectations. You should be investing into technology and software's with the expectation of efficiency increasing in a grand way. ROI should be 6-12 months and the software or technology provider should be able to predict it with proof. 

Steps to Ensure Success!

  1. A Discovery Meeting- This will allow both parties to determine if we should proceed.

  2. Demo's- We will most likely do at least 2-3 demo's since our software is extremely comprehensive.

  3. Implementation & Buildout- our project managers will supply all parties with projection of each module completion. We may need to customize things and this is where we will manage this.

  4. We invoice only when we have produced completion of each module.

  5. Training- We will train staff either onsite or virtually. We can discuss these options.  

  6. Then to closely be involved for the next 6-months. 

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