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Payment Gateway

Payment gateways have become a cornerstone of the payments industry, and there's a multitude of reasons behind their widespread adoption.

  • Enhanced security measures ensure safer transactions.

  • A plethora of features cater to diverse business needs.

  • Versatility allows for seamless integration across various platforms.

  • Encourages healthy competition, driving innovation for superior products.

  • Easy scalability and continual improvements ensure adaptability.

  • Relieves credit card processors of the burden of securing Point of Interaction (POI).

  • Streamlined APIs facilitate quicker integrations.

  • Typically, better customer service, especially when operated by a Small or Medium-sized Business (SMB).

At The Burris Advisory Group, we specialize in aligning clients with the most suitable payment gateways and technologies. With access to multiple gateways tailored to specific purposes and use cases, we ensure optimal solutions for each client's unique requirements.

While each payment gateway serves distinct purposes, we're working towards consolidating their features into a singular, comprehensive payment gateway solution.

Another challenge lies in seamlessly posting payments to customer accounts within proprietary software. We're diligently addressing this issue to benefit SMBs and mid-sized businesses.


Exciting developments lie ahead!

Gateway Niches

Different Gateway Purposes



Being built! 



When CardPointe debuted in the U.S. market, it caused significant disruption, presenting itself as a viable solution in the B2B market. However, it does have internal limitations. While the payment gateway itself functions well, the support it offers is lacking.  It is a difficult gateway to have use of if using CardConnect's underwriting process. Opting for CardPointe through an ISO equipped with their own underwriters and robust customer & sales support team ensures a smooth experience and provides a valuable tool for your business. Direct engagement with CardConnect may result in inadequate support and a difficult onboarding experience, so it's advisable to access CardPointe through a reliable ISO.



NMI stands as a trusted payment gateway that has continually adapted to contemporary demands, offering comprehensive solutions for ISVs, merchants, and sales agents alike. This gateway is directed towards B2B and B2C businesses that accept large transactions and business & government cards. They also do all other cards extremely well.

The NMI Payment Gateway features:

- Point-to-Point Encryption
- Multi-Tokenization
- Automatic Level 2 & 3 Processing
- Omni-Channel Processing encompassing:
  - eCommerce
  - Card Present transactions
  - Card Not Present transactions
  - Mobile payments
  - Recurring billing



Introducing Payrilla Payment Gateway, a fresh addition to the market tailored specifically for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). While relatively new, Payrilla boasts a range of appealing features, primarily designed to cater to SMBs operating in the Card Not Present domain. While it does offer some Card Present capabilities, they are somewhat restricted in comparison.

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