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BAG Products & Software

"Only the Best for Our Clients!"

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Payment Gateway Terminals

We offer two choices for our customers.

  1. Equinox 6200 is a mobile and touchless credit card terminal for table service, Field Service, and delivery. PCI Validated P2PE (highest security standard verified by PCI security council)

2. Equinox 8500i is a credit card terminal that is positioned on the counter-customer facing. It is sleek and nice looking on any counter. PCI Validated P2PE (highest security standard verified by PCI security council)

Restaurant POS

Pickle POS is comprehensive but simple. Point of Sale Systems should not be complicated nor difficult to implement and train staff. 

How many Restaurant POS Systems can you have customization and automation built-in? Ours does it all! We sell it, there is a product expert that installs, trains, and supports all our customers. 

pickle pos pics.png

Payrilla Field Service

We have the perfect Field Service software for any business that must work in the field in order to make a profit from serving your customers. 

What are the keys of a great Field Service Software?​

  1. PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

  2. Has product specialist to support

  3. Has an ROI within 12-months

  4. Will allow you to run your business, completely

  5. Has the ability to do compliant "Cash Discount"

  6. Easy to buy, set up, work daily, and is cost efficient.

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