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Propelr is a "Whole Credit Card Processor". Propelr is one of the best payment gateways in the industry as we are agnostic to backend credit card processors giving the best choice for any of our prospective clients and ISV's. This team has extensive experience in the digital payments industry. We are closely connected to this team.

  • This is a great home for any ISV.

    • How would you like to show your clients how to get your software for free? We can show you how.​

A Little About Propelr*

The Pursuit of Payments, Perfected.

A modern payment provider for a modern sales environment. Propelr is leading the future of payments through simple and secure integrations — in a forward and frictionless manner.

Propelr began years ago! The founders were also two of the founders of CardConnect. CardConnect built the most durable, feature rich and highly secure payment gateway called CardPointe and the most robust reporting tool, Copilot. It still is the payment gateway most new gateways try to refer themselves too. Just after going public, First Data bought them for $980 million dollars. 

Today, the founders and a team of seasoned payment executives and sales teams have joined forces to create a super win for businesses and ISV's with multiple gateways similar to CardPointe but with other distinctive features. We look forward to doing business with serious business owners and ISV's wanting to scale their software's without glitches. 

We will set up a discovery call to scope out what you are looking to do...


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