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BAG's Mission Statement

We will deliver cutting edge technology that provide all businesses the ability to be proficient, scalable, automated, and customizable. 

The problem with most softwares are their creators are in too big a hurry to get to market. This cause them to create a closed loop system that we call "out-of-the-box" softwares. They are not bad but they lack the ability to fit any business like a perfectly made glove. 

We will always listen and take our time with our prospects and clients to ensure, in the end, we deliver exactly what was asked for. 

Being business owners ourselves we understand being able to get in touch with customer service and tech service without long hold times or unqualified customer support representatives. We will strive to give all our clients white glove service. 

Finally, we will not blatantly tell any client or prospective client that we can provide something knowing we cannot. 

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