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Field Service Company

We were tasked with helping a quickly growing field service company with multiple industry types. The "out-of-the-box" solutions were no longer able to provide the level of technology, automation and customization this company required. After multiple project scoping meetings we were able to methodically deliver what they desired. In the end, they actually were able to put $19,600 monthly back into their cash flow. 

The Process

All businesses needing to grow today have many obstacles; labor force, technology (costs), and time to name the big three. We try to help in these three by adding a level of features that provide tangible benefits. ​

This company is no different. They needed a software that did everything within one software and was simple to deploy to their staff. We did all the heavy lifting for them with uploads, customizations, fitting each section as they wanted, trained staff, and created a huge ROI immediately from the start. 

We were able to increase managements personal time by allowing them to get things done quicker during the work day, we easily increased their cash flow in multiple ways, and made the staff's jobs easier and more efficient causing them to dread technology less. 

This client started live with a guaranteed $19,600 per month increase in cash flow, making the software virtually free [excluding the time it took to complete the project]. We will have them write a letter and attach here after 1 year of usage. 

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