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Field Lion

Finally, a Field Service Software Application that will help you run an efficient business. What does efficient mean? Field Lion will pay the business in time and profits. Most Field Service Apps either work good on the frontend or on the backend but rarely both. Not only does Field Lion work exceedingly well on both ends, it has other features that most, if not all, other Field Service Apps refuse to include. These features are, in a short list...

  • Interchange Optimization- the lowest possible wholesale cost.

  • PCI Validated P2PE- the absolute highest form of card data security.

  • Quickbooks Integration- that actually works in real time.

  • Reporting- is real time reporting with customization.

  • Customer Support- is aggressive and intentional.

  • Payment Devices- with our cash discount program..., are free.

There will be more adaptions and add-ons as we progress. We look forward to introducing this phenomenal product to a phenomenal industry. 

hvac tech pic.jpeg

HVAC Contractors

The HVAC industry is growing and evolving fast with all the new products, codes and technologies. Field Lion is equipped to scale as the industry changes and as your business grows. Automation and customizations are a necessary part of this growing industry.

plumbing tech pic.jpeg

Plumbing Contractors

Wow! Plumbers can be on 10-15 projects per day per technician. It can be very fast paced and every project can be completely different. Codes are forever changing and can be different in every state, county and city. The Plumbing Contractor must have all the information so they can work without fear of administration type of mistakes. The technicians need something easy and quick to input and close out projects, Field Lion accommodates this.

electric tech pic.jpeg

Electrical Contractors

These businesses are probably the most underserved in the Field Service Industry. Field Lion did not discount them at all. Now, the Electrical Contractor and their technicians will have what they need when they need it. The data and analytics will follow every project, as granular as they want it. 

landscaping tech pic.jpeg

Landscaping Contractor

Very few software applications can work with landscapers the way needed to be effective. Field Lion will bend itself to help these hard working people. 

roof tech pic.jpeg

Roofing Contractors

These people have multiple jobs in progress, in process, and being estimated in hopes to turn into contracts. Time is money for this group of people and all resources must be utilized to the highest efficiencies.

hot tub tech pic.jpeg

Hot Tub, Swim Spas, and Pool Retailers w/technicians

Some Hot Tub, Swim Spa, and Pool retailers employee service technicians. These technicians are on the move everyday and need specific communications and specialized integrations to other software's. Field Lion can do this easily!

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