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About Us

We have a very robust resume with digital payments and business management technology. We have over 20-years working in the field with digital payments and payments software. We have over 10-year in business for ourselves. The owner (Ed Burris) is a 4-year honorably discharged US Navy veteran. We are a Christian based business with strong principals and pure love for everyone. We have 2-sons, 2-daughter-in-laws and 2-grandkids. Finally, we have 3 cats, all 3 were strays and made us their people.

We enjoy; traveling, discovering new healthy foods to eat, the revelation of God's word, and helping others with their needs and confusion. One of our greatest passions is for the fatherless homes and people that grew up without a positive and strong father figure in their lives. Our outreach programs are combating these issues and we plan on being in every state with our programs by 2027. 

In business, there is nothing more satisfying than for us to help a business actually realize increased profits along with creating more time for all to enjoy life. It is fun!

A doctor once said, "In my 40+ years of practicing medicine, I never once heard a person on their death bed say, [I wished I would have worked more]. They continue with, "I should have taken more time with my family and friends".

If anyone needs Christian counseling or help in with challenges, please contact us. 

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