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About Us

We are truly family-owned, veteran-owned, and American-owned! We love working with our out-of-country partners that are committed to building stronger businesses and relationships. But, we do attempt [exhaustively] to work with American companies. Our commitment is to our clients and spend hours making sure we have the best solutions for them. 


We have spent over 20-years in the digital payments industry. We have a full understanding of the payments industry and all compliances. As technology changes rapidly, we allot time to ensure we are aware of the goings on of developments that might make our clients lives better and more productive without adding time burdens. 

Our offerings include...

  • All Payments

  • ERP's

  • One-off software's (Point of Sales Systems)

  • Automation

  • Integrations

  • Business Consulting (as a COO)

Our Causes...

  1. God! and God's people

  2. Family time (quality)

  3. Resourcing the Kingdom of God

  4. Helping our fellow human

  5. Traveling to anywhere there is a beach

"To God be all the Glory through our Lord Jesus Christ!"

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