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Consumer Financing

Give your business an advantage with the PayTerms solution. Tailored for merchants in any industry and built to give your customers more flexible payment methods, increase conversion rate, all with zero risk and no hidden fees.

What You Get

  • Real-Time Approvals

  • $500-50,000 Loans

  • 12 – 84 month terms

  • Zero Risk and No Setup Fees

  • No interest programs and rates as low as 8.99%

  • Show purchasing power early on and convert more browsers into buyers

  • Available at point-of-sale, invoicing, and pay-by-text

Powerful for those industries with big ticket items like pools, spas, hot tubs, HVAC, plumbing emergencies, and many more!

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Right at the point of Sale!

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Eliminate as many potential losses with being proactive!


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