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Choice was established to make doing business easy and seamless for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We believe in backing the dreamers, the doers and the creators that are shaping the face of tomorrow. And while you’re out chasing your dreams and crushing your goals, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by complicated processes and outdated technology.

That’s why at Choice, we create simple solutions that take the headache out of payment processing, allowing you to spend more time on what really matters. Don’t let your business run you. Run your business, your way.

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There are several and is why BAG has chosen them as a partner. 

  1. Experienced team

  2. In-house Underwriting

  3. Boards High-risk accounts

  4. Consumer financing within their API

  5. Simple and easy to use for our sales team and our clients

  6. Full Transparency

  7. Emerging technologies

    1. Tap-to-Glass technology for IOS and Android. No more bluetooth or dongle card readers.​

  8. 24/7 in house customer and technology services.

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We are looking forward to solving your issues and providing services and products that excel.


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