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Products and Services

The Burris Advisory Group has been building unique strategic partnerships and developing programs that offer our clients the maximum return on investments. Take a look and see if anything looks like we can create a fruitful environment for your company. 


All our products are designed to fit the businesses needs and desires. Our product offerings are contingent on the purpose. Here are a few products that will fit most every industry and business size. 

  • Multiple credit card machines

  • RFID Scanners, Antennas, and RFID tags

  • Multiple iOT devices

  • Point of Sale software w/equipment

  • Enterprise Software w/any hardware needed

  • BestBrain Generative AI development with any hardware needed


This is one of the passions that we hold near and dear. Being raised in a small business owning family, we work and critically think of ways to help SMBs overcome the onslaught of big box stores, franchises, local, state, and federal government unfair trade and small business taxes that steal profits. 

  1. Our original service that was born inside of Burris Advisory Group is our "Merchant Acquirer Rewards" Program (MARs). This program allows businesses to get the same type of special consideration that banks, card brands, and credit card processors give franchises and big box stores. Ask us about this program, it puts profits back in your pocket. In short, our clients get rewarded for becoming our client instead of taken from each month. 

  2. Factoring is the ability to sell invoices that aren't planned on being paid past 30-days. It is a fantastic way to speed up cash flow. 

  3. Business Financing that ensures our clients remain viable and funded for moving forward.

  4. Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) for our clients to offer to their customers to cause the sale to happen while customer is ready to buy. 

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