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A Complete System and a Standard System

Restaurant Point of Sales Software Systems

Our goal is to equip any restaurant no matter the size or production. We offer 2-main systems that can equip a restaurant as they desire. All of our systems are programmed with our proprietary "Merchant Acquirer Rewards" Program (MARs). Imagine adding another revenue stream to business or just sending to owners checking account for a bonus. 

Average Reward is $200.00 per month. That's better than paying $4,500 in fees isn't it???


Leading the industry with contactless hospitality solutions.

Create a deliciously profitable, sustainable hospitality business with digital menus, ordering and more…

  • Online ordering made easy

    • Let customers find you and order instantly through your website on any device

  • No apps just easy orders

    • Alongwith website, RestoNXT provides a no-download, lightweight branded app available in iPhone and Android that helps customers to see menu, offers and order food online with an easy payment option.

  • Takeaway, Curbside & Delivery

    • Easily offer in-store pickup and curbside, and use our commission-free delivery management system and manage your own delivery or integrate with 3rd party delivery systems

  • Asset Management

  • Point of Sale

  • And so much more...

Schedule a discovery and then a demo to see if RestoNXT is the answer for you.


The self-professed best “dill” in hospitality point of sale.

Feature rich, no-frills, affordable and powerful enough to handle the busiest restaurant setup. Pickle POS has all the power and none of the nonsense that causes ghost checks, missing tickets, or lagging ticket fires.

  • Order and Pay at the Table

    • Speed up tickets without burying the kitchen with an entire dining room worth of orders after the server makes his or her rounds. Increase ticket size through POS-driven upsells and increase server compensation without dipping into your pocket through increased tips.

  • Integrated Online Ordering

    • Push your menu and any changes online from anywhere at any time. Orders go through the point of sale so no extra equipment to purchase, connect, or manage.

  • Conversational Ordering

    • We’ve all had that confused customer who doesn’t know what toppings or size they want and relies upon a crowd of people to tell them. With conversational ordering it’s a little less obnoxious – allowing you to change mods, sizes, temps, and toppings without leaving the item.

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